m a t h l a u


After being in the business for nearly 23 years we are still faithful to mathlau’s DNA.
We love the Nordic-simple and casual lifestyle.
Every season you will find scarves- ponchos-hats and belts in new fashion prints-colors and shapes. Mostly made in natural materials as wool-mix cashmere-linen-silk and very fine cotton. All products are designed and developed in Denmark and produced primarily in Italy and India by some of the best factories, who work according to the international regulations.
We are grateful and appreciate, that our customers choose from us, and give the consumer the opportunity to buy very nice things which will stay by them for many years. Beautiful items they don’t just throw away.


In june 1996 my husband Lars and I started our car and drove to Italy with our tent.
We had to find suppliers… Until then I had been working with fashion, since I was 17 years old and for the last 6 years selling accessories.
But I had a dream of my own company. It succeeded! In Beautiful surroundings near the woods and lakes in Silkeborg in Denmark,mathlau create scarves-hats and belts in two main collections every year.

Why mathlau?

Our son and daughter were 7 and 4 years old and I had to find a name for my new third “child”. So math from Mathias and lau from Laurine.
A good name. Could be my last name… Madame mathlau some suppliers call me.